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Alien Spidy Game Download

download alien spidy for pc

Alien Spidy is an action game you can get it fro our website also with torrent link. You can also download super meat boy game by clicking on that link it is also very awesome one.


download alien spidy game for pc

download alien spidy game for pc full version

download alien spidy game for pc highly compressed

System Requirements

  • Graphics Card = 256 MB
  • Processor = Core 2 duo
  • Ram = 1 GB
  • Windows = 7,8 and Xp
  • Free Hard Disk Space = 3 GB




Description Of  Alien Spidy Game

Alien Spidy is an action game full of very interesting graphics. This is the best installment of the video game all over the world. When you play Alien spidy you see that there is a place in between the sea in where this game played. There are two small hills in the game and a sea in between these two hills. Small hills full of the grass in which a lot of insects lived and a very beautiful trees. In Alien Spidy a blue color like a moon light and also the moon is rising when Alien Spidy played.

In Alien Spidy there is a small spider which jumps up and down and moves from one place to another. There is sea between the small hills in which there are many fish which move up and down. There is a light in which spider jumps and get the prize for jumping on each light. Spider leaves a ray on the fish then fish move up and down and die in the water. There are many other spiders which are moving on the surface of the water when the spider comes near the hills the big spider leaves a ray on them and they die in the water.

When the first level is completed then second level is started in the second level there are many fireflies which are moving on the hills. There is the place in between hills when the spider jumps the light, which is on the second mountain he collects the 1200 points. When I am studying in the university there is the competition in this game I have also won this competition.

One day I am feeling boring I started playing this game I feel fresh when I play Alien Spidy. I have played many installments of other games, but Alien Spidy is the best game. I have also recommended this Alien Spidy to my friend Ubaid he is also playing this game. I recommended that you to download this full version game with full guiding installation video play Alien Spidy and enjoy.

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